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Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen und Refill Tinten von wta

Quality & Environment


All our products comply with high quality standards.

We do not only test every single cartridge in a singular process, but also the page yield of all recycled products comply at least with the original specifications and often they have an even longer lifespan. Moreover, our Research and Department permanently performs long-term tests in which print quality, consumption development and wear marks of the respective products are controlled and evaluated.

For our quality toner and inks we guarantee OEM quality at an exceptional price-quality ratio.

Skilled, committed specialists at our sites in Germany guarantee the consistent high quality of all our products.









With the technical and corporate possibilities open to us we do our utmost, to affect and influence the environment, nature, flora and fauna as little as possible by our actions. We are educators / influencers  in the ecological future of our society and we oppose to negative trends of the market by being responsible and adopt sustainable management of nature and environment as well as by the promise that each and every production process and technical progress will be evaluated regarding all ecological consequences.

Concrete measures concerning the protection of the environment are e.g. our self-developed toner powder extraction systems, which guarantee cleaning 99.9 % cleaning of the polluted air which is then recycled as heating into the production site. By the development and production in Germany we avoid unnecessarily long transport routes to the customer, consumption of material as well as needless waste of energy.

Basically the recycling of toner cartridges from an ecological point of view is preferable to frequent new purchases of products since a number of technical components of each cartridge have a significantly longer lifetime than in the given yield described. Vast amounts of waste and rubbish are avoided only by reusing these components. Especially by the multiple use of plastics we contribute to the preservation of the valuable raw material crude oil.

By using particularly low consumption toner powder and long life drum and hopper  units we can significantly improve the yield of numerous toner cartridges due to their construction. Double yield per cartridge is not uncommon. All non-reusable parts get properly and environmentally friendly disposed of.