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Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen und Refill Tinten von wta

Responsible management of resources, of health and of our environment

Our main principle is to protect the environment. We see ourselves as educators / influencers and our corporate commitment and principles are embedded in the conservation of the beauty and individual character of our homeland and in assuring its existence. In order to achieve this goal with the means open to us, we will do our utmost in research, sales, and production as well as in the commercial department to manufacture environmentally friendly and re-built products and to deliver them to our customers taking the shortest route.


Icons Rebuilt Tonerkartusche, Recycling und Umweltschutz

We at wta contribute with our rebuilt toner and inks as well as services and manufacturing processes to a sustainable development. Therefore our production and product development aims for the least possible environmental impacts during the entire product life cycle. The energy consumption and pollution are carefully examined for continuous improvements.


The best use is multiple use.

With the technical and corporate possibilities open to us we do our utmost to affect the environment and nature as little as possible through our actions. We do our part for the ecological future of our society. Especially by the multiple use of plastics we contribute to the preservation of the valuable raw material crude oil. By using particularly low consumption toner powder and long life Drum and hopper units we can improve the yield of numerous products significantly. We see ourselves as a modern industrial business with a service-orientated nature. We start with the delivery of empty cartridges, via the actual recycling procedure including the dispatch of the refilled toner and ink products we provide our customers with a continuous range of services.



We guarantee OEM quality at an exceptional price-service ratio. Skilled, committed specialists guarantee the consistent high quality of our toner cartridges, inks and all other products. We do not only test every single cartridge in a singular process, but also the page yield of all recycled products comply at least with the original specifications and often they have an even longer lifespan and page yield.


Right from the beginning we frequently invest in product development, production facilities and the know-how of our staff to offer the best product possible at an excellent price-quality-ratio. For all new products we guarantee comparably short development times and continuously work at the improvement of the performance of our products.


Clean raw materials – clean air

Our toner powders are analyzed prior to use to comply with the limits of cobalt, nickel, chromium VI, TVOC, styrene and benzene, as well as for the content of organotin compounds. Wherever possible, we only use toner powder that complies with these guidelines and has been tested by the LGA. The LGA relies on many years of experience and extensive research in the field of toner analysis and device testing.



Sustainable processes for our environment and nature.

Despite the predicted continuous growth of the company it is our goal to maintain our environmental balance and to continuously improve wherever possible.The continuous technical developments are not only driven by the demands of an ever changing market, rather through the constant improvement of production processes, sequences and product properties we place the satisfaction of our customers in the centre of our attention. With a wealth of ideas and creativity we permanently strive to seek possibilities to enhance the effectiveness, environment and quality improvement as well as to reduce environmental impact.

With global environment degradation a fact, Give us your support so all consumers of toner cartridges will in future prefer the recycle process to the purchase of a new product.