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Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen und Refill Tinten von wta
The ecological alternative to conventional inks and toner cartridges.
At wta you get high-quality inks and toner cartridges suitable for machines of all common manufacturers. Our development department continuously monitors the technical performance of our products. We guarantee consistent quality, function and durability of our rebuilt toner and inks by means of permanent production control. For all new products we guarantee comparably short development times and are always looking to continually improve the performance of existing products. Our portfolio of high-quality and re-built  toner cartridges and inks ranges from Apple to Xerox. We continuously adjust it to the development of the market. We are well known for presenting new models to our customers ahead of our competitors.
We at wta contribute with our rebuilt toner cartridges, inks, service features and production processes to a sustainable development. Our production and product development aims, during the entire product life cycle, for the least possible environmental impact by continuously checking energy consumption and environmental pollution.


Product Life Cycle.

The rebuilt process.

Everything starts with the return of empties, which means that we take back empty toner cartridges of all common manufacturers through our dealer network and other collection systems. For the production of our “my green toner” cartridge, the empties are one of the most relevant items . Therefore broken, defective or already recycled toner cartridges are sorted out. Only then the qualified empties will be disassembled to their component parts and cleaned thoroughly.


Produktionsprozess von Rebuilt Tonern: Annahme leerer Tonerkartuschen, Aussortieren beschädigter Kartuschen, Zerlegen und Reinigen intakter Kartuschen
The disassembled and cleaned cartridge will now be reassembled, changing function and quality determining components. Disassembly, cleaning and assembly is mainly done manually. The completely assembled toner cartridge is then filled with high-quality toner powder, provided with a new chip and tested individually to guarantee perfect quality. Our skilled and committed specialists at our locations in Germany thus guarantee the consistent high quality of our products.


Produktionsprozess von Rebuilt Tonern: Montieren der gereinigten intakter Kartuschen, Befühlen mit schadstoffgeprüftem Tonerpulver, Chip Anbringung und Qualitätsprüfung der Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen

The cartridge is then packed absolutely safe in “Green Airbags” made of biodegradable foil in our “my green toner” boxes and shipped to our specialist dealers. Even the boxes don’t leave the sustainable production cycle for they will be recycled environmentally friendly.


Verpackung und Versand der Rebuilt Toner
3. USE

You receive the cartridge upon request from your “my green toner” specialist dealer. Simply insert the cartridge and off you go – all “my green toner” products comply with the original specifications or exceed them.


Anlieferung der Rebuilt Toner, Einsetzen der Tonerkartusche in den Drucker und Gebrauch

Is the “my green toner” cartridge used, then you simply return it to a “my green toner” specialist dealer. After its second life the toner cartridge is now recycled environmentally friendly and then used in a new application.



Nach Gebrauch Rücksendung der leeren Tonerkartusche an wta zum Recycling

Tested materials and guaranteed quality.

Already at the development stage we pay attention to the use of high-quality components. Only the best components get our approval for installation. Moreover, our Research Department permanently performs long-term tests in which print quality, consumption development and wear marks of the respective products are controlled and evaluated. Each and every wta manufactured product passes through an individual test according to the latest requirements before leaving the company. That is the only way to guarantee our high quality and to grant you a three-year warranty on all wta products.