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Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen und Refill Tinten von wta

Innovation & Vision


We engage in innovation with enthusiasm and joy.

The continuous technical developments are not only driven by the demands of an ever changing market, rather through the constant improvement of production processes, sequences and product properties we place the satisfaction of our customers in the centre of our attention.

With a wealth of ideas and creativity we permanently strive to seek possibilities to enhance the effectiveness, environment and quality improvement as well as to reduce environmental impact.










We have made it our guiding principle not to harm the environment despite the predicted further growth of the company. Instead, we see ourselves as part of nature and want to maintain the individuality and beauty of our homeland as well as the flora and the fauna through our entrepreneurial activity in accordance with our corporate principles, and to safeguard their existence. In order to achieve this responsible goal with the resources at our disposal, we will do our utmost to produce environmentally friendly products both in research as well as in sales, in production and in the commercial sector, and deliver them to our customers via the shortest possible route.

Please lend your support against the backdrop of global environmental degradation so that in the future all consumers of toner cartridges will give precedence to recycling over a new purchase!

Simply be responsible!