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Rebuilt Tonerkartuschen und Refill Tinten von wta

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - You will find the frequently asked questions ans answers here.

Is the print quality of the wta rebuilt toner cartridges and those of the original products equally good?
On normal paper and when the printer is correctly aligned, differences in the printed image to branded toners are not distinguishable even in direct comparison with the naked eye.
Where are wta rebuilt toner cartridges manufactured?
In our own plants in Suhl, Thuringia and Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt.
Does wta also produce toner in the Far East?
No. As a medium-sized company headquartered in the new federal states, we are aware of our responsibility to society and to the social system. Therefore we only produce our rebuilt toner cartridges in Germany. Furthermore we further protect the environment thanks to the short transport distances.
What is the difference between refill and rebuilt toner cartridges?
Refill toner cartridges - an empty toner cartridge is optically cleaned and filled with a new standard toner. The supposed advantage of the very cheap price very quickly turns out to be non-existent, because the print quality is usually very bad and furthermore often the specified page yield is not reached.

Rebuilt toner cartridge - an empty toner cartridge is carefully cleaned, the waste toner container is emptied and all important wear parts are disposed of properly and replaced with new components. The product is then refilled with a toner adapted to the printer and undergoes a thorough performance test. This means that you receive a product at a very good price/performance ratio as well as high-grade printing quality and that over the entire service life specified.

Are all parts always replaced with your rebuilt toner cartridges?
No. Only the wear-parts that have a significant influence on the quality of the product are exchanged. However, it can be assumed that OPC photoconductors and wipers are largely replaced. What exactly is exchanged depends on the toner cartridge. There are cartridges which are already equipped with components in their original state, which allows further use. Through this approach we protect the environment wherever it is possible without loss of quality.
How long does the delivery take?
Usually we have each type of rebuilt cartridge in stock and can therefore respond promptly to your needs. However, the delivery time might be extended in the event of a large number of items or higher sales than usual.  In this case, you will receive information from us about the expected delivery time immediately after placing your order.
Do I lose the printer warranty when using a rebuilt toner cartridge?
Using wta rebuilt toner cartridges does not affect the printer guarantee of the manufacturer. It remains unaffected.
What is the warranty on wta rebuilt toner cartridges?
The warranty period lasts 3 years.
Why does the toner module print e.g. only 1500 pages instead of the 2000 pages indicated?
The number of pages specified everywhere relates to the printing of documents with a 5% page coverage A4. For example, if you print many images or graphics (high toner usage, since larger page coverage), deviations are normal. This concerns both the printing with original consumables as well as the printing with wta rebuilt toner cartridges equally.
What is waste toner?
Waste toner is the toner which was not transferred from the drum unit to the paper during printing. This toner is collected in a waste toner container. Depending on the device, this is done in the toner cartridge or in a separate container in the device.
Can waste toner be recycled?
No. The waste toner shows contamination which rules out any possible recycling. The wasted toner resulting from rebuilding in the cleaning process of the toner cartridges is therefore completely put to certified disposal by us.
What are HC toner cartridges?
HC relates to the number of copies that are possible with this cartridge.  The cartridge itself still corresponds to the original cartridge of the device manufacturer, but the filling capacity of the HC toner cartridge is significantly higher. The maximum filling quantity depends on the cartridge size, which in turn depends on the printer.
What is the difference between standard and high performance toner cartridges (HC)?
HC toner cartridges contain twice, three times or even four times as much toner as a normal cartridge depending on the model and a technical internal feature designed for corresponding longevity. This way you achieve a correspondingly larger range with a cartridge compared to the standard (original). On the other hand, the toner containers of most standard cartridges are only filled to about half due to technical reasons (e.g. to simplify the filling process).
How many printouts does an HC cartridge make?
This depends in particular on the properties and possibilities for each type. Depending on the type, print capacities of up to 400% are possible compared to the original standard cartridges of the laser printer manufacturers.
Does an HC toner cartridge cost just as much as an OEM standard cartridge?
Yes and no: The purchase price of the HC toner cartridge is somewhat higher with one or the other module, but thanks to the considerably higher print volume (depending on the type up to 400% compared to the OEM standard cartridge) you save considerably in the end – on average about 30%. Some products are cheaper right from the start despite a greater printing volume and thus you save twice as much.
Are HC toner cartridges compatible with the original versions?
There are no compatibility issues. This is checked and ensured by us during development.